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SCR Baseball's Inclement Weather Information

If a possible weather related issue arises that threatens the playability of games or practice, please refer to this website for the most up-to-date news and field closure information.  Here are the SCR Baseball League's procedures:

1. SCR Baseball will be in contact with the City of Scottsdale and City of Phoenix parks and recreational departments to determine if there are closures mandated by each city.  The City of Scottsdale parks information number is 480-312-7246 (RAIN).  The City of Phoenix parks inclement weather line is 602-495-7444 (this does not include Reach 11).  SCR Baseball will be contacted by Reach 11 directly if the fields are closed.

*SCR will post the most current information online then will contact the commissioners and they will contact the coaches.  Coaches will contact the parents.

2. If there are no mandated closures, then it's the responsibility of SCR to make the decision whether to cancel games/practices.  Either SCR will send out a scout or it could be the coach of the first game that reports back if there is standing water on the fields, the fields are too slick or present a dangerous playing surface, the fields will be closed.

*Typically, a representative from SCR Baseball will physically visit the fields and determine playability.  If your game is the first in the day (ie 8am) you might arrive to the field prior to a SCR representative.  

4. Up-to-date information will be posted on the SCR Baseball website

5. Commissioners will then contact the coaches via email, SMS or telephone to inform them of the decision.

6. Coaches will be responsible to contact the parents

7. An email or SMS may typically also be sent out league-wide to all registered parents and coaches