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Scottsdale Cal Ripken Board & Executive Leadership


Scottsdale Cal Ripken Baseball is a 501(c)3 non-profit entity and is run completely by a volunteer board of directors.  Please feel free to email any person on the board or any commissioner with a question or concerns.  Also, it is recommended to CC multiple board members to ensure the quickest response.


Executive Board of Directors    
Name Title Email
Jonathan Fagan President president@scottsdalecalripken.com
Jason Stringfield Vice President
Dave DiVito Vice President fields@scottsdalecalripken.com
Derek Dezso Secretary secretary@scottsdalecalripken.com
J.K. Nowiejski Treasurer treasurer@scottsdalecalripken.com
Sheyanna Sinner Executive Director sheysinner@scottsdalecalripken.com
Board of Directors    
Name Title Email
Dave DiVito Director, Fields & Equipment equipment@scottsdalecalripken.com
Denise Zawada Director, Uniforms


Ashley Thomason Promotions and Events ashleythomason@scottsdalecalripken.com
Jeff Stempihar Fields & Equipment jeffstempihar@scottsdalecalripken.com
Derek Payne Board Member at Large derekpayne@scottsdalecalripken.com
Name Title Email
Jason Stringfield Majors/Majors 10u Commissioner majors@scottsdalecalripken.com
Efren Ochoa Minors Commissioner minors@scottsdalecalripken.com
Jonathan Fagan / Mike Roberto 8u Kid Pitch Commissioner u8@scottsdalecalripken.com
Jeff Petronio Rookie AAA Machine Pitch Commissioner jeffpetronio@scottsdalecalripken.com
Jason Mullis Rookie AA Coach Pitch Commissioner r2a@scottsdalecalripken.com
Jessica Williams T-Ball Commissioner tball@scottsdalecalripken.com