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If you need to make a payment, please log into your account by using the email addressed used when you registered your player. This is typically a parent or guardian's email, and it is the address that receives registration confirmations.

Once logged in, you should see a list of players associated with you account and a list of current and past registration.

IMPORTANT: When you log in, please check the Welcome message at the top of the page.  If it is your childs' name, you will not be able to make payment. You must log into the parent/guardian account. If you need assistance, please contact  

If you do not see a listing, then please go to My Account in the top right corner of the webpage.

Once you see the listing, any unpaid amounts will be listed in RED under the Due column.  Also, below the registration there is a GREEN Pay Now box. See Below (red boxes are for reference only). Please click the Pay Now box to be taken to a payment page.

Please note the unpaid charges are typically either unpaid registrations or charges related to play up request (the difference betwen the orginal registration and the division your player was moved into).


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