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Spring 2023 is the league’s first year for online Play Up Requests.  Similar to past years when paper forms were submitted, the process requires two steps:  1) A registration based on your player’s age, and 2) a separate request to move to a higher division.  We anticipate future enhancements to make the process more efficient, and we appreciate your patience as we move forward. Please send questions to


To Request for your player to play up one division, please follow these instructions.

  1. Register your player for the highest available division allowed for your player’s current age.

Complete the registration; however, you can wait to pay until after you have completed the play up request. You MUST complete this registration first BEFORE requesting to play up.

You will be required to pay any difference in prices between the original division and the requested division.

If you prefer you can pay for the original registration and divisional price difference seperately; however, you may pay in one transaction. If paying seperately, skip to STEP 2 below--but you may need to manully enter into the address bar of your browser to return to our homepage.


After you complete the original registration, on the payment screen, choose the option to “Add another player before paying”. This will allow you to add the play up registration before paying. 


  1. Go Back to the SCR Registration Page.  Please note you may need to manually enter in your browser to return to our homepage.

Scroll down to the last option, “Spring 2023 Registration - Request to Play Up”  Do not begin this Play Up Request registration if you have not completed the registration discussed in Step 1.  The paper form from previous seasons has been replaced with this supplemental registration.

  1. Complete the Play Up Registration. Once you complete the registration, you will be taken back to a payment page.  You will see the original division registration and the divisional difference, if any, for the next division up.

You must complete payment before play up request will be processed. Note that there is an $5 processing fee due to the extra work required to transfer and process registrations after you submit this request.


Note that if you are registering additional players, you can use the ““Add another player before paying” feature again to register the second player before submitting payment.