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Rijo Athletics Christmas Camps!
Baseball Camps Offered from Rijo Athletics
Round 1 to SCR - Re-Open Phoenix Parks!
SCR Friends and Families - A small, first victory.  Our campaign...
SCR Fall 2020 Return to Play
Greetings Friends and Families – *Update 08/28/20 - Following...
SCR Baseball Weather Procedure
SCR's weather policy can be viewed online or by clicking here. ...
Important Info: Bat Regulations
Bats must have the appropriate USA Baseball stamp to be used in Scottsdale...
Rijo Athletics Christmas Camps!

by posted 10/29/2020
Baseball Camps Offered from Rijo Athletics

by posted 10/29/2020
Round 1 to SCR - Re-Open Phoenix Parks!

SCR Friends and Families -

A small, first victory.  Our campaign to post comments and stand up to be heard has gotten an agenda item on Phoenix's council meeting for tomorrow afternoon!  Once again, we are asking all of you to post a comment card, or even be willing to speak on behalf of your children, to give them the opportunity to have a baseball season during this pandemic.  Posting in this story and e-mail a direct link to the agenda item in tomorrow's meeting where the council will debate opening the parks!  Please consider posting your support for this opening and mentioning details around:

-the fact that baseball is a distance based sport, our baseball program has built in safety guidelines to encourage distance, masked coaches and regular hand sanitizing.  There is a strong need to stop the spread of the virus but continue to give our children socialization, physical exercise, and team work in their daily lives.  Major benchmarks are now very low and we can play baseball while continuing to slow the spread with the precautions built into our program.


If we are successful, we will retain the ability to use Phoenix fields for practices and games this Fall.  We need all of your support in the next 24 hours to make this effort a reality.



SCR Board of Director's

by posted 09/01/2020
SCR Fall 2020 Return to Play

Greetings Friends and Families –

*Update 08/28/20 - Following yesterday's Zoom coaches meeting, we are including our return to play document, which describes the protocols we will follow for safety during the virus pandemic.  Please reach out to us at "Contact Us" from our website with questions.*


We hope all of you are having a safe and healthy summer. Scottsdale Cal Ripken is actively preparing for a Fall 2020 season!  As we are all aware, Arizona has become one of the hotspots in the country for COVID-19 infections.  With that said, we are preparing our return to play guidelines with safety in mind and following state protocols.  In the next week to 10 days, please look to SCR registration “soft” opening.  We will waitlist all players intending to play in the Fall, with no payment required at time of initial registration.  Once we have a feel for the headcount of our players, we will develop the schedule - the goal to return to play in early September.  

Thank you for your continued support and patience with us as we monitor this pandemic to ensure the health and safety of our kids, while getting them back to the game we all love!


SCR Board of Directors



by posted 07/25/2020
SCR Baseball Weather Procedure

SCR's weather policy can be viewed online or by clicking here.  As it relates to lightning, we suggest using the WeatherBug App as they have a feature called Spark which shows the current lightning activity in the area. As a rule of thumb, if lighting is within a 10-mile radius you should suspend play/practice and take shelter.  Typically, you should wait at least 30 minutes after the last lightning flash or sound of thunder -- or wait until the nearest lightning strike is 10-miles or more away -- prior to resuming activity.

Parents, please be in touch with your coaches. Coaches, please be in touch with your division's commissioner and the league will notify the coaches of any delays or closures but sometimes you will have to make a judgement call on when to play and when to seek shelter.  Thanks!

WeatherBug App Download Link:  https://www.weatherbug.com/appdownload/

SCR Weather Policy:  https://leagueathletics.com/Page.asp?n=52995&org=scottsdalecalripken.com

Thank You!

SCR Baseball

by posted 10/23/2018
Important Info: Bat Regulations

Bats must have the appropriate USA Baseball stamp to be used in Scottsdale Cal Ripken. These bats can have up to a 2 5/8 barrel but must include the USA Baseball logo.  BBCOR is not allowed.  Wood bats that adhere to the national Cal Ripken rules are also allowed. Only Tball and AA divisions are allowed to use Tball bats.

Click here to read more about this new bat national standard for Babe Ruth/Cal Ripken baseball.

*Please refer to your division's rules for further clarification or contact your commissioner.

by posted 09/18/2018
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